Monday, January 14, 2008


Yum - cake at Auntie Stacey & Uncle Jonathan's house

Going for a walk with cousins K & M at Grandma & Grandpa's house

My sister and her boys and me and my kids


alison said...

Love that - in the last picture - you and Sally have opposite eyes shut and that Samuel just gave up and covered his face.

Regarding the first picture, WHAT are the cousins eating? I know I can count on you for a good dessert.

Sheila said...

Alison, it is a cake that my step-sister-in-law made - a chocolate cake with an ice cream layer in the middle. She's even nine months pregnant and making yummy desserts like that! My kids had two pieces each, the little beggers.

alison said...

Thank you. I NEEDED to know. I would give a lot to have one of those plates right now.

cko said...

What fun pictures of the cousins together. So nice to have had a sunny day among the cool temperatures. Building wonderful memories. :-)