Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Knit Bit: Redeeming Knitting

So I'm almost done with the main part of Sally's sweater (see the picture below) and I ask her to try it on for a fitting before I cast off at the bottom. Now, this is a sweater that I am knitting for her by request. She got all uptight that I knit a sweater that ended up fitting Samuel and wanted her own sweater. Fine. Ok. So we pick out the yarn (several catalogues and discussions over this) and I start looking for a pattern. I find one that she likes AND that I think I can actually knit. I start. She watches. She tries on several times. So I'm almost done with the main part - then it's just knit the sleeves and the button bands. This is when she chooses to tell me that she doesn't want a button sweater - she wants a zipper. Ok - breathe. I show her that it's a v-neck cardigan, so we can put a zipper in - no problem - but it won't go all the way up to her neck. It will go up to the top button area. This is when she tells me she wants a sweater that goes all the way up to her neck.

There is no way I can make this sweater do that.

I try very hard to NOT say the words that are going through my head as I calmly put the sweater away and I breathe in and out and then I look at her. I explain that I can't do what she wants, so I can finish it and she can pick cool buttons, or I can finish it and we can put in a zipper, or I can rip it out and make something else. (I offered that last one unfairly - there is NO WAY that I am ripping out this sweater. It's taken too many hours and it looks so so good. I'll finish it and give the darn thing away before I rip it out.) I look long and hard at her and tell her we shouldn't decide right away - we should walk away and wait. She decides to punish me by not talking to me. (Yeah, I was real bummed about that.)

That's when I decided I needed some redemption knitting. I needed to knit something that was just for me, something maybe not so functional, something I certainly did not need, something that uses some yarn that makes me happy.

I took myself to the library, and then had a lovely time looking through the yarn that I have stashed away. Here's what I came up with:
That first yarn is called Kimono Ribbon, and I got it half price at a going-out-of-business sale. I have two balls. The fuzzy stuff is Baby Lash, and it's leftover from a project I did last year. The book is called Exquisite Little Knits and I have chosen the Golden Threads Boa. Although I'm going to make a skinny scarf, and call it Pink Ribbons Scarf. I also picked up a book on CD to listen to whilst I knit.

It's therapy. And much cheaper than actually going to a therapist, and much healthier than self-soothing with food. (See how easy the knitting addiction defenses are coming to me?)

When I'm done, I'll wrap the scarf around my neck and then maybe I'll have the strength to finish Sally's sweater. If I don't, I have more fun yarn in the stash . . .

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AmberJ said...

I love that scarf! And the yarn you chose is awesome.

Hmmm...knitting instead of food (as I de-stress with my IKEA cinnamon bun...) -- great idea.