Thursday, January 17, 2008

Knit Bit: WIPs

WIP stands for Works In Progress. I am often asked "How many projects do you have going?" and "Why don't you finish one thing before starting another?" Good questions. I'll answer the second one first: I have different projects for different knitting opportunities. For example, sitting in the doctor office or riding in the car needs a simple project that I don't need to look at the pattern - that's my dishcloth knitting. (I'm about to start baby hats, too, because I've made enough that I don't need a pattern.) Then there is the kind of knitting that you need for TV watching - something bigger that isn't too complicated. A blanket or a sweater. Then there is the learning knitting - the stitch that I've never done before, or the pattern that is very complicated and scares me a bit, or anything with double pointed needles. That is knitting that I do when I have some time alone and can concentrate. See? I need variety.

So how many projects do I have going right now? My main projects (and I don't count the dishcloths in these) are the Baby Boy Log Cabin Blanket:
which I love to distraction and I am wondering when I will stop and I have started to contimplate what kind of border I am going to put on it (attached i-cord is an option, but I've never done that; crochet edge is what I'm thinking about, and I may do two or three rounds in different colors). It must be finished in the next month because the baby boy that it's being knit for is almost due! :)

and the Sally Sweater:
which is such a great color and the cables are easy. (Mr. Greenjeans Pattern from It will match the hat that I made for her for Christmas. (This is my American Idol knitting, by the way. What did you think of Glitter Girl? Yeah, me too.)

Then there is the Husband Socks:
which I can only knit if my eye is well and I have time and space to concentrate. This is the project that had to be ripped back about fifteen rounds because I found a few mistakes and couldn't live with it. (Sorry for the blurry picture. These will look so great once they go through the wash.)

The Brown Slippers are almost done:
and then they will be felted, which I have never done before and could explain why I am stalling at the end.

The Baby Beckett socks are so so cute:
and yes, they are big for a newborn, because they are sized for a 3-6 month old baby. (My first project using bamboo needles - I like them!)

There are a couple of projects that are stuck in the closet, started but not finished and not being worked on because either I lost interest or I know that it's not working out but I don't have the heart to rip them out yet. Like this Pink Baby Blanket:
It was just too wide to be finished anytime soon, and I like my baby blankets on the smaller side (20-30 inches). I knew it needed to go but couldn't face it. Today I ripped it out.This yarn will now make two darling baby hats.

I think that's it. Really that's not too bad, right? Right? (This is why I don't do the WIP post every week. Who said that a reality check is a good thing???)


AmberJ said...

Ripped-out yarn is one of the saddest (domestic) things I have ever seen. I had to do that with scarves when I was starting out. So sad.

Mel said...


Not one or two, of course. LOL

Variety is a good thing.
That way you don't get bored.

(that's my story and I'm stickin' to it...)