Sunday, January 13, 2008

Things I Forgot

Alison, you are correct. Unfortunately, I cannot knit whilst on narcotics. I'm way too sleepy. My friend told me that they must affect me so much because I didn't use drugs or alcohol in high school or college. Lucky me, huh? I did do a little knitting on Friday (or was it Saturday? the days run together) and I miss it. I miss reading, too.

The boy got a little cold on Friday, and he's been running a fever on and off since Friday night. He seems to be better today, but I may keep him home tomorrow because of the cough. I'll have to see how the night goes. I got him and Sally some vitamin C gummy bears to have when they are sick and they love them. (Child-proof lid, everyone. Don't worry.)

Today my eye was bothering me a little bit and I got worried so I went into the bathroom to take a look. Guess what? I had an eyelash on the rim. It felt like an eyelash, and this time it actually was one. I was so happy that I scooped that little eyelash onto my finger and just looked at it. I almost cried. (BTW, scary nighttime eye ointment seems to work well. It's like vaseline, though. It's supposed to sting, but I don't feel a thing.)

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