Thursday, January 24, 2008

Three Things Thursday

Three Things That Make Me Crazy

(1) Ricola commercials - what exactly the correct pronounciation of this product? Is it RI-cola or REE-co-LAH? They pronounce it both ways in the commercial, and every grammar law floating around in my head tells me that one of them is the right way and one of them is the wrong way.

(2) Jack in the Box tacos - they have a slice of american cheese on them. That's just wrong. Sliced american cheese is for cheeseburgers or sandwiches. Tacos need shredded or grated cheese. Everybody knows that. (The fact that they are 2 for 99 cents does not redeem them whatsoever. The fact that Jack in the Box makes just about the best shakes anywhere almost allows me to overlook the wrongness of the sliced cheese taco. Almost.)

(3) Wiggly teeth. They freak me out. Pretty much all of the kids at our church that are of the age that their teeth are falling out know this about me, and if they have a loose tooth, they come and find me and wiggle it in my face. It's kind of a fun thing that we have going on, but still. Can't stand to watch those wiggly teeth. (I could barely stand it when they were MY teeth. Traumatic years.)

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