Wednesday, January 30, 2008

TV Talk

I so love the beginning of American Idol. I love the awful people. I love the freaks who think they are bringing themselves as a great big crazy gift to the American public. When will these people learn? If you aren't beautiful, you need to sing like an angel or you're gone. It's so fun to watch.

Is it just me or has Simon gotten nicer? His edginess isn't so sharp this season. He's actually caring about people's feelings and giving out nice compliments before saying no. (Bit disappointing, really.) And last night - maybe it's because I was raised in the midwest and have a bias - those people from Nebraska and Iowa were just so nice. So nice. Even the freaks were nice. I loved the girl who made it to Hollywood and her parting remarks were "I am the next Top Model" and her mom laughed out loud at her mistake. (I see myself in that mom.)

Tonight and tomorrow - Lost returns. Finally. I LOVE Lost.

I watched a great Hallmark movie, The Russel Girl. If you missed it, look for it on DVD. It was so good. Yes, it ended on a good note. Yes, I cried during the movie. Yes, I cried during the Hallmark commercials. Doesn't everyone?


Debbie said...

Simon has gotten WAY nice this season. It's a little weird, huh?

Child of God said...

Bob is having a LOST party tonight if you and Stu want to come.

Sheila said...

A LOST party - such a great idea! Thanks for the invite - Stu has softball. I told him I'd try and wait for him to get home before I watch it, but no promises. I'll gladly watch it twice :)

Mel said...

Oy geeze......I get weepy at the commercials--I'd hate to see what I'd do with a whole MOVIE!