Friday, February 08, 2008

Hot Vanilla

The newest thing for the kids in our house is Hot Vanilla. My mom got me a subscription to Family Fun Magazine for Christmas (thanks, Mom!) and it had this recipe in the February 2008 edition and we just had to try it. Here's the recipe for Hot Vanilla. At our house, we put the whipped cream on top, and then drizzle the chocolate sauce over it (instead of mixing it up into chocolate cream - it's faster that way). Enjoy it with your kids! (Alison, could I make Pink Hot Vanilla? :) )

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alison said...

I think that Pink Hot Vanilla would be very pretty and an appropriate way to celebrate love. :)

I read that too and amazingly enough, I have been making Hot Vanilla for years. I came up with it when the big kids were little when they wanted Hot Chocolate too close to bedtime.