Saturday, February 09, 2008

Knit Bit: Baby Stuff

Isn't this so so so cute?For the knitters:
Hats: Bernat Cotton Tots yarn & basic baby hat (a modified pattern)
Baby Booties: Plymouth Dreambaby DK Solid (aqua) and Lion Baby Soft (pink) & this pattern ("Bev's Easy to knit Newborn Booties") (a great pattern, btw - very fast and very easy, and yes, I know that they will fit the babies for about three days, but I don't care - they are so so so cute!)


Mel said...

k.....they really ARE just too cute!


grandma tina said...

Those are SO adorable!!!! Excellent job.

cko said...

I'm so inspired! You do such beautiful work. I downloaded the pattern and hope to make some. Thanks, Sheila.