Monday, February 25, 2008

Knit Bit: Blanket & Hat

Now that I've given this gift to the mother-to-be, I can show you the pics of the finished Baby Boy Log Cabin
and matching stripd hat. Are they not so darling? I am charmed by my knitting cleverness.
This has been my favorite blanket to date. I love everything about it. I love the colors. I love the yarn (Lion Cotton Ease). I love the fact that I finally figured out how to pick up the stitches in a way that the back looks as good as the front. And the hat! It's a helix striped hat, and this helix technique is so so great. I kept shoving it into people's faces and saying "ISN'T THIS SO GREAT?!" (Several of my friends are glad I am finished with this :) )
To the nice family expecting their third child - and first boy - best best wishes and we can't wait to meet your son!


cko said...

Beautiful knitted projects!

Mel said...

Okay....the set is just too cute!

Yup, easy to see why you enjoyed it so much. May the recipient find as much joy in using it as you did in making it.