Friday, February 15, 2008

Knit Bit: Pink Scarf

The happy Pink Ribbons Scarf was the perfect thing to inspire me to finish Sally's sweater. I mean, look at it. Was there ever a less useful knitted item?It's more like a necklace than a scarf, but look at the beauty of this ribbon!

It's so beautiful. I love the colors.

So I've got Sally's sweater sleeves going, and I obsessed about the length and the decreases enough that I have a plan and it is going well. When I finish with them, then I'll have to do the button band (with no buttons) and the zipper. Just thinking about that will take at least a week. But, now that Idol is going to be on three nights a week for the next few weeks (!!!) and Lost is still going strong (LOVE Lost) I'll have plenty of evening knitting time to finish it.


Anonymous said...

I love it - it is beautiful! You do good work - You make me so proud! Love you, Mom

alison said...

It's lovely.

Do you have any Valentine's pictures?

Sheila said...

Thanks all! Alison, I don't have any pics of valentine's day, but I took your advice and went with steaks, baked potatos, and an artichoke, which is Stu and Sally's favorite. (The boy and I had broccoli, his current fav.) For the nod to the theme of Valentine's, we made some heart sugar cookies and frosted them. They are WAY GOOD and I can't stop eating them. Stu showed up with three boxes of candy (he's so great) and we ate dinner and got in the spa, which was a travesty because it's not running very well because the whole thing has to be taken apart and cleaned out. Great day, though :)

alison said...

It sounds like you had an excellent dinner. I do think it's important to teach our kids that the holiday is about love to keep it from becoming such a big deal. Since Paul and I started dating, practically at birth, I almost always "had a Valentine" but since giving gifts is a challenging way for him to express his love it really wasn't a huge thing for me. And yet, I know a lot of girls for whom it is this hard time if they aren't dating someone.

I always like to hear the special things you do for your family.

Sheila said...

Alison - I agree! Usually we do a little thing for Valentine's, but nothing overly romantic. We try and make it more about family, too (hence the family dinner and not date night with a babysitter, although that's fun too)

joelle said...

i love the ribbons!