Thursday, February 28, 2008

Knit Bit: Sally's Sweater

Yesterday I knit the button band for Sally's sweater. This is the first one I've ever done, and I'm pretty happy with it.
Now the quest begins for a button. (Jen, I wish you lived closer - I know you love a good button hunt!) The pattern calls for one (here's the buttonhole - it's a little hard to see - in the bright green section):
I told Sally she could pick whatever she wants. If she wants more than one button, I can sew on some snaps. I'm glad this is done - it was a fun project, but it took a long time and lagged in the middle. Mostly because I had to modify the pattern so much to fit her and I obsessed over it (but it was totally worth it!)
I'll try and get her to do some pics with it on :)
For the knitters:
Pattern: Mr. Greenjeans from (heavily modified to fit a small girl)
Yarn: Fantasy Naturale in #9701 "Spearmint" (it's a cotton yarn).
This pattern calls for a wool yarn, but I used cotton because we live in California and my daughter is a little heater. I don't think I'd recommend using this yarn with this pattern for an adult - it is very heavy with all those cables, but since the size is small you don't really notice the weight. (This is also a machine washable yarn, which I thought was a real plus.) I want to make one of these sweaters for me, but (a) I can't find any yarn I like, and (b) it's getting hot and I'll probably wait until August or September to make myself a new sweater.


Jenni said...

it's beautiful! I can't believe you got the colors to line up to have symmetrical purple splotches on the button band. crazy!

Sheila said...

Jenni, I didn't even see that! :) I was just knitting away and watching American Idol - the knitting goddesses must be smiling down on me!!!

cko said...

This sweater is gorgeous! Sally is so lucky.