Saturday, February 02, 2008

Mini Holiday

I had all these big ideas for posts this week, and they all got thrown out the window when I got an email from my husband with a lovely surprise - he got us a great deal on a hotel room in San Diego! So, with great screaming and jumping up and down, we picked up the kids from school Friday (Sally a bit early, Samuel on time) and drove down the coast to SeaWorld and a little mini vacation ("baycation" according to Samuel). It was a lovely time and just what we all needed.

While I was taking the kids to the bathroom in a restaurant, I was reminded of the Three Travel Laws of Bathrooms, which I learned from a friend while traveling in Europe. (Or I learned them from Sherry, I'm not quite sure.) They are:

(1) Take a wide stance. (We were on a train, so this was very important.)
(2) Use all available hooks.
(3) Never let anything touch the floor.

Yes, all good. Especially when dealing with a child who's feet do not touch the floor when he is sitting on the potty.

SeaWorld was a blast, and we were all amused at how several of the animals remind us of our dog. I think our favorite this time was the sea otters - we were lucky to see them at a meal time and they were so fun. They get a big frozen brick of shrimp, and they hold it on their belly and break off a shrimp and eat it with their little paws. One of them would hold on to the shrimp brick and do a roll over in the water to thaw it out a bit. He was fun to watch. A very close second (or first in Stuart's book) was the killer whale who would spit pieces of fish onto the rocks for the birds to eat. Truly, the whale was feeding the birds. We thought perhaps he was trying to lure the birds closer to eat them, but after watching him for awhile, he never made a move for them. He just kept spitting the fish into the air, swimming down to the bottom of his pool for more, and then surfacing to spit out another fish. It was surreal.

If you are lucky (and not prone to motion sickness) I may share a few of Sally's videos with you. My personal favorite is the one she shot at the Shamu show, where the person's head in front of us is in focus and she doesn't stop filming when she claps. It's a keeper for sure.


Mel said...

What a really nice prezzie for everyone!
I want one of those so I can see Shamu spit fishies!

alison said...

I am completely and utterly envious that:

1. You live in a place where the sun routinely shines.

2. You are DRIVING distance from San Diego.

I don't know if I can take it!

Very happy for you, if any one deserved the above it's you and your family.