Tuesday, February 05, 2008


I just finished paying my bills and balancing my checkbook. I love using Quicken because it makes everything so fast. Last year, I switched our paper filing system from categories (gas, electric, phone) to monthly - I just made a folder for each month, and any bill I pay or receipt I get I put in in there. My filing gets done right away and I've been saving lots of time there. I was a bit worried that I wouldn't be able to find things, but after working on our taxes and getting all the right papers together, I am pleased to report that the monthy files are working great and will continue for this year. (Yes, I know you are thrilled to hear this. I told you it was "miscellany" - never know what you'll get.) Now, to throw away those old utility bills . . . .

I'm working on a long post about what I've learned from my eye problems. It is still feeling great and I can even see pretty well, too.

Something is wrong with my keyboard or my fingers. I have been making alot of typing mistakes in the past two weeks. It's quite annoying to me. I hope it's the keyboard . . . .

I have clothes to fold and some knitting to do. The first of the babies arrived a few weeks ago - twins! - a boy and a girl. There are three babies due in March!

Sally has finally found a book that lit a fire in her, and she has been carrying it around to read it when she gets spare moments. I'm so happy that I want to grab her and hug her all the time, but I only do it three or four times a day. (The Tail of Emily Windsnap, for those of you with young daughters. I've read the first few chapters - very cute so far.)

Great post over at Mary-LUE's place about teaching her son to drive. Scroll down for the photo quiz - awesome. Reminds me of when my dear dad taught me to drive. It was a manual transmission car, and we would come home and my mom would wordlessly hand him a drink. Have I ever thanked you for those lessons, Dad? Thank you!

Happy to report that my cousin Amy and my friend Joelle have made the Little Donuts and say they are indeed yummy. Alison, your kids would love them. Perfect for those dismal snowy February days. Valentine's Day is coming up, and I have told the family that they will again be served ketchup covered heart shaped meatloaves and pink mashed potatoes. (I give them The Look and tell them that they know they love it, even though Stuart and Sally get the heebies from the pink potatoes.) Any new fun ideas for a kid-friendly somewhat healthy Valentine themed dinner? I'm open to suggestions.

That's it. I'm out. And outta here.


AmberJ said...

I hate filing, so this just might be a great idea!

alison said...

You need to leave the potatoes alone! Don't give half your family the heebie jeebies whilst celebrating your love for them.