Friday, February 08, 2008

(one day late)

Gung hay fat choy!
(that's Happy New Year for you white people)

thanks to for the image


Sherry C said...

Happy New Year!

I got to celebrate with second graders at school yesterday. We made kites and paper lanterns and hung a huge dragon in the room.

The cook served a yummy Chinese-ish meal in the lunchroom. The egg roll was tasty.

Even though we live in the Great White North, we're not completely out of it here.

alison said...

Gung hay fat choy to you too!

We are going to a New Year celebration this evening sponsored by our local Chinese Association.

Mel said...

LOL Well, a happy Fat Choy to you, too!

<---white people who don't know nuffin but wishes you a HAPPY one anyway! LOL