Monday, February 25, 2008

Room Re-do

I've been lax on the posting because we've been redoing Sally's room. I've been happily assembling IKEA furniture (except for the loft, which was wholly unsatisfying) and trying to keep Sally on task to get rid of stuff she doesn't need anymore. She's a packrat just like my mom and my sister, and she has a drawer full of old buttons and bbs. (bbs! why? why?) She keeps things that I think are trash, so whenever I offer to help her clean, she screams "NO! Thanks, Mom, but I'll do it myself." So I set the timer and leave her to organize her mountains of "stuff" into some kind of system. Here's some pics:

After:She's got a loft with a new dresser underneath (the old dresser she's had since birth!) and a computer desk with a computer (we had a extra one lying around, one of the perks of having a husband that works in IT). She has lots more floor space now and she loves the loft - her own little retreat. Although today she told me she woke up and sat up to stretch and bumped into the ceiling. I find that terribly funny.


Mel said...

Wow what a difference!

And what a happy kiddo she must be (ceiling bumping excluded....LOL).

What a great colour for a room!

Krav Mom said...

We just did something similar to our girls' room. We spent an entire day going through all of the "stuff." I put shelves in the closet and organized everything into containers with labels. And we got the girls some bunkbeds so they have a lot more space to play in. It's way more manageable now. They can actually clean up their room in about 10 minutes. What a concept!