Tuesday, March 18, 2008

A Few Notes

~ Spent all day with Sally's class at the LA Science Museum. Great museum. Bus with sixty third graders, not so great. Need quiet.

~ Finally decided on and purchased a new car. Yes, it's another minivan. No, it's NOT white. It's silver and pretty and I love it. (For those of you who didn't know, the old minivan had a long list of things that didn't work anymore, including both the driver and passenger door locks, the radiator had a leak, the engine light stayed on (and occasionally blinked, which I am told is VERY BAD), and a number of other things that were starting to be a problem. It may have lasted a few more months, but it was beginning to seriously worry us.)

~ Must go out and find a dozen plastic eggs and fill them up by tomorrow morning. This could be tricky since I have dinner to make and a Bible study to host tonight.

~ Next week is spring break. (yikes)

~ Easter is five days away and our easter bunny has no supplies whatsoever. Samuel has no school on Friday, so shopping opportunities are slipping by me.

~ Currently knitting a hat, two pairs of socks (yes, I have problems), a bathmat, and a scarf. Oh, and a pillow cover. Was thinking of knitting something to wear to a wedding next month, but recognized insanity and decided to go shopping next week instead.

~ Making corned beef and cabbage tonight for the husband. Came home and the boy said, "Yum - the whole house smells like sausage." (It's in the crockpot - I've been on a field trip all day. Thought a crockpot dinner was a wise move. Can't thank myself enough.)

~ Crockpot dinner still counts as "making dinner" (I can hear you thoughts you know) since I have to put in the cabbage at the right time, and then make some other stuff for the kids to eat since I'm pretty sure they won't eat that.

~ Going to the store NOW for plastic eggs and stuff to put in them. Must take both kids. Deep breath, calm thoughts. OK. I can do this.


AmberJ said...

Crockpot dinners TOTALLY count as dinner. Otherwise I am the worst mother in the world because I do crockpot breakfast, too! ;) Crockpots are God's gift to women as redemption for pantyhose.

Sheila said...

Amber, that is so so funny! Crockpot breakfast too, huh? You'll have to teach me your ways :)

alison said...

Checking in to make sure you're not slumped over an Easter display.

I too am interested in Crockpot breakfasts. Amber, please inform.

Anonymous said...

Shelia, If you haven't finsihed with Easter shopping go to Cost Plus World Market. . . one stop shop. Baskets, toys, candy & cards:o) They are also open in the evening.
Christy Davis

Sheila said...

Hi Christy! Thanks for the great idea! I survived the store and got Samuel to help me get the stuff ready for his class, so that worked out great. How have you been? email me at mommychew@hotmail.com when you get a chance!