Tuesday, March 25, 2008

It's for a movie

So I was out running errands yesterday (the garden got postponed because my kitchen island arrived at IKEA and I had to go grab one - today it's assemble IKEA furniture time, and am I one happy camper!) and I passed by this billboard that said, "My mother always hated you Sarah Marshall!" and I wondered what that was all about. So today I googled it and found this blog, which is pretty funny, and then I found out that it's all for a movie, Forgetting Sarah Marshall. All that for a movie. Pretty creative, or pretty sad? I'm not sure yet.

Other crazy things that I wonder about and must find the answers? The song La Bamba. Really, how many people sing that song and have no idea what the lyrics are all about? It drives me crazy. So I looked that one up in Wikipedia last week. Go here to read all about it. It's basically about dancing.

Also, if I see someone in a movie and can't place where I've seen them before, I have to look up all the things they have been in and figure out which show or movie I've seen them in. Otherwise, it will bother me.

I read a whole book yesterday. I always do this in spring, read like there is no tomorrow. This year it's really bad because of all the lost time in November and December (and January) where I couldn't see well enough to read and I was too strung out on painkillers to care. I'm making up for lost time.

Also, I love public libraries. Our library has some crazy high checkout limit, too - 25 items on one card. Yesterday Samuel insisted on getting a Star Wars book for Daddy to see - he was so excited about it that I couldn't say no. He has an I Spy book out, too. Sally has one book that she's reading for research and two more that looked interesting to her. I found three for Stuart (not counting the StarWars book) and four or five for me. I love the library.

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alison said...

Do you use imdb.com? My brother who is a cinematographer, introduced me to it. I too like to place actors and their work. Plus it's a good way to find movies you might not know about - already released and in production.