Thursday, March 27, 2008

Kitchen Photos

For Jon, and anyone else who is interested, the kitchen as it looks today:
Notice the excited faces of my models.

Notice they are not in this picture.
I like how the different colors of the wood are all working together. (The old table was a lighter wood color) I also LOVE that the height of this island is almost exactly the height of my counters.
Here's the lovely shelves that hold all the pots with their matching lids and they are not stacked and shoved into the abyss of the corner cupboard that had me muttering curses everytime I lost a lid and had to send one of the kids for a flashlight:

Shiny pots, all in a row. I'm so happy.

As to the other table that used to be in my kitchen, it's lovely and has four matching chairs and if you'd like it, I'm trying to sell the set for $100. Email me if you are interested. For today, though, it's being used:

as a fort. Spring break rocks!


Mel said...


And don'tcha just love how it all works together.

Very nice...

Sherry C said...


Can you put me in touch with Krav Mom or Theology Mom, or whatever she is going by these days? She is a serious homeschooler, right? I'd love to hear what it looks like for her.