Monday, March 31, 2008

Knit Bit: Clapotis

I've decided to knit Clapotis. This is a big deal to me. First off, Clapotis is an extremely popular internet pattern. How popular? Well, there are several patterns that people like to knit, and there are hundreds and hundreds of projects on Ravelry in those patterns. But Clapotis, she's special. Currently there are 5,166 projects listed on Ravelry. That's a lot. The only pattern that I could find that has more projects is Fetching fingerless gloves (5653 projects) and I've done those. Even the classic Elizabeth Zimmermann Baby Surprise Jacket has less at 2,506 projects, and the Ball Band Dishcloth has only 1,944 projects.

Second, I changed my knitting style so that I would be able to knit Clapotis. There are dropped stitches and before and after them you have to knit through the back loop, so the rest of the time you have to knit through the front loop. I was knitting combination (those are all through the back loops) so I have re-taught myself to knit in the English style. It works better for projects in the round, too.

So, here I go. Wish me luck.
I'm using Berroco Comfort yarn. It's my new favorite. It's the softest synthetic blend that I've ever knit with, and it's machine washable and dryable. This color is called Sachet Mix.
For you wordies out there, clapotis (clap-o-tee) is a french word that means "little splash" or "lapping of water." (I knew you'd be asking me, or telling me, in the comments.)

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