Wednesday, March 26, 2008


Yesterday I set the boxes on the floor of my family room and carefully cut the tape and opened them. I found the instructions and packet of screws and dowels (love that) and sadly, found out that I was missing two pieces. As in THE TOP and A WHOLE SHELF. Very sad.

Luckily, I invited a friend over to talk to me and watch me assemble IKEA stuff, so she arrived with Starbucks and commiserated with me. We talked and she watched me knit. It was good, too.

Today I went back to the store, dragged in the box, and announced that I was missing parts. I totally forgive the nice man who helped me for insulting me so cruelly (he thought I didn't know what "1 of 2" meant, and thought I just needed box "2 of 2". No dear, box 2 of 2 is in the car already! I'm missing stuff out of THIS DARN BOX RIGHT HERE) . . . . .where was I? Oh, yes, forgiving the nice man because he was very quick and efficient and had me my new box all full of the right parts in under ten minutes.

It's almost done. My hands are a little sore from all the screwdriving, so I'm taking a break. Here's the one I got:It's called STENSTORP. I've always wanted a kitchen island. This is so great.


Tito J said...

Ooh, very nice. Where is it going in the kitchen? Are you going to move the table?

Mel said...

Oh, very nice!

Gosh.....and you got to assemble it for yourself?
k........might haffta look into this Ikea stuff.

Very, very nice!