Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Recent Photos

Today in my backyard: Please don't hate me for living in southern California (and you know who you are!), where it is a beautiful day and our pool is currently sixty-seven degrees. The water is a good mix of chlorine, acid, and salt, according to the nice people at the pool supply store, so we're good to go. Needs to be quite a bit warmer for me to swim, though.

Last week:
Sally modeling her sweater. This is the best I got. She was not very patient with the modeling photo session, so I let her off the hook.
Finally, a close up for Jen:
The single button that Sally picked out. It's quite big and sparkly, and really finishes the sweater nicely. My friend gave me a great compliment: she said that it didn't have that "homemade, my mom made this and made me wear it" look. Aw, thanks!


alison said...

You know this (good weather, constant sun, warmth) couldn't happen to better people. If you were any less splendid I would be consumed by envy and hate you all, but you're so stinking great, I can only be happy for you.

Love the sweater.

alison said...

P.S. I was telling Paul in a very neutral/non-eaten up by weather lust voice that your pool is already open and he reminded me that I am headed your way soon. I'm going to be in Santa Barbara in two weeks.

Mel said...

*sigh* I'm sooooo ready for a slice of warm weather.

And I wonder how many times you find fruit in the pool.....LOL

Way cool button.....makes the whole sweater fun!

cko said...

A beautiful button, but the sweater is so gorgeous to begin with. The colors and pattern is stunning!