Monday, March 17, 2008

Uncle Jon

Last week Uncle Jon came over for a visit. (For those of you who arent' familiar with our family, Jon is Stuart's cousin. We've been married for so long that I refer to him as "my cousin" or "our cousin". The kids call Stu's cousins Uncle or Aunt as a sign of respect.) The kids always love it when he comes to our house as he has become their teacher of Chinese culture. He teaches them words in Chinese, how to count in Chinese, and this time he taught them to make wonton soup. We have made wontons before with Sally, but Samuel was too young to remember it, so this was his first time. (Samuel loves cooking - he told me he wants to be a chef when he grows up.)

Here they are chopping vegetables for the filling:
And here they are folding the wontons - Uncle Jon taught Sally, and then Sally taught Samuel.

Thanks Uncle Jon!!!


Tito Juanito said...

Watching Sally teach Samuel to wrap the wontons was an amazing and beautiful thing.

I was also very relieved to learn that the deadly Pokemon couldn't actually "poisonous" me because "TV stuff isn't real, except football and the news."

Thanks for another lovely visit!

cko said...

What fun! Jon would have the patience to make the won ton and teach Sally and Samuel. Sounds like it was a great visit.