Friday, March 07, 2008

Week Review

Stuart has been gone this week, traveling for business. This is something new for us, and the kids and I have missed him so much. Even the dog is acting sad and mopey - he'll wander around our bedroom looking confused, then he'll finally lie down in front of one of the kids, paws in the air, as if to say OK, I can't find the dad, so one of you will have to scratch my belly. It's cute.

He's coming home today. His flights have been delayed, so he's having a really long day. I'm going to go put some dinner in the crockpot and then clean up the house a bit.

Yesterday, the kids went swimming for the first time this year. I heated up the spa to 86 degrees, and the big pool was a cool 60 degrees. Sally was the only one brave enough to dare such cold temperatures, and only to get in to say that she did. They had fun splashing around in the water, and both fell asleep pretty quickly last night. (I forget that excellent part of having a pool - it makes kids really really tired.)

I've started a couple of new knitting projects. I'm knitting a bathmat out of that cotton dishcloth yarn - this is something I've been thinking about for awhile now, and decided to just give it a shot. It's a great texture. I'm still knitting little hats and booties for gifts. I also decided to make some pillow covers for our family room - also something I've been kicking around in my mind for a few months. They are shades of grey and black. It's going to be a soccer practice project, I think, because it's a lot of plain knitting. I need plain knitting at soccer practice, you know, because it's dark there.

Anyways, that's the scoop here. Hope you are getting ready for a great weekend wherever you are!


Mel said...' already?

A tired kiddo is a happy kiddo....and a happy mom! LOL

alison said...

Swimming in EARLY March is show-offy and offensive.

The small part of me that is not consumed with envy is very happy for you.