Monday, April 07, 2008

Change of Plans

Stuart was supposed to leave last night for a week long business trip. Unfortunately, his co-worker/co-traveler had to postpone the trip due to some family illness, so he is home this week. He took a personal day today, and we had a great morning - without the kids - going out to breakfast (Polly's, where we pretty much destroyed a huge cinnamon roll) and then going to Target for a little house shopping. I bought a house plant. This is big for me, someone who usually kills house plants. I'm going to try with this one. We even bought a little pot that I will paint later today (love the matchy-matchy with the colors) in some shade of blue. The new plant will live in our bedroom.

I still need to work on the garden. Work was done in the backyard last week, but still no garden started. (I do not count the tomato plant that came back, and the remains of the basil plant, which may die but we still are not sure about that.)
Also, went to the library yesterday because Sally thinks that she needs a hermit crab. I told her she needs to learn something about them first (like what do they eat? what do they need to live? do they live in water or just an empty tank) so we went for research. I found two books for her, and two more for me. I still have books from LAST time I went to the library! Cripes. Never fear - this small fact, that I had books to read - did not stop me from starting one of the new books as soon as we got home.
I'm in the middle of Traveling Mercies, and I haven't started Bel Canto. I read two pages of On The Road and I'm not sure if it's for me. Yesterday I got Atonement and Nineteen Minutes, and started Atonement as soon as I got home. So far, I like it. Tomorrow I may be neglecting housework and staying up late to finish it.
That's all for now.

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Mel said...

Dangit. I keep walking by Atonement and lookin' at it.......

OPEN THE COVER would be good advice if you find it read-now-worthy.

Good luck on the plant, btw. LOL

<---plant murderer (yep..happens every time! LOL)