Friday, April 18, 2008

The Ducks

So last week it was a hot day and the kids wanted to swim and, because I couldn't think of a reason to say no, I said ok. They happily splashed around for about fifteen minutes, and then I made them get out because Samuel's lips were starting to turn blue. We went inside the house, and about twenty minutes later I heard a splash in the pool. It sounded like someone jumped in the deep end. I went to check and found the gate closed but the water was all choppy. I went into the backyard and saw them -
five ducks in my pool.

I called the kids, who were thrilled. Sally and I got our cameras (always ready for a bloggable moment) and that's when I realized that two of the ducks were fighting. "Oh no, they are fighting over something," I said.

"No," Sally said, "I think those ducks are mating."
And she was right. There was one female duck and four male ducks, and three of them mated with her. In our pool. In front of us. (Now that I think about it, that other one may have done the deed before I got out there.) Nature can be brutal, but she's a great teacher.

After a few moments, I told the kids to head to the door because I was going to chase the ducks away. They spooked pretty easily, and all five took off quickly and splashed the kids on their way out. They haven't been back. (Then I went and turned on the super chlorinator and threw in some muratic acid for good measure. Crazy ducks.)

About four or five days after this, I was in the front washing my car and my neighbor asks me if we'd had any ducks in our pool. He told me to be sure to chase them out right away, because he had a family of ducks that came back every year in the spring to live in his pool and he could not get rid of them. I told him I let the kids watch them for a few minutes then I chased them off. He was glad to hear it.

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Lisa P said...

Hello! It's the call of the wild in Orange County. Gotta love the nature channel in your back yard.