Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Homebody: Home Again

I've returned from a weekend at my parent's house in Arizona. The kids and I went out on Saturday after Sally's soccer game, and came home Monday afternoon. It was really fun, as the kids are a very fun age - I can play cards with my parents and they can entertain themselves fairly well. Also, I just realized this morning that nobody threw up - a minimum standard for a successful road trip with kids.

I was fortunate to go on a weekend where my Uncle Paul, who lives in Colorado, was also there for the weekend. My Aunt Kathy lives in the same town, so we had a great time playing cards and talking and laughing. (For those of you who don't know, Paul and Kathy are my dad's brother and sister. I had to explain to Sally several times that they are not married to each other. She finally got it.)

We took the kids to the dollar store to buy some stuff, then to the park:

We went to lunch with some of my parent's friends. We had birthday cake to celebrate my dad's birthday (Happy Birthday, Dad!) and my uncle's birthday (Happy Birthday, Uncle Paul!). We went fishing:
and caught not one thing, but it was fun anyway.

Now I'm home doing the laundry (I don't care how long I'm gone - I always have a laundry day when I return. It's just like going to Costco and no matter what, you end up spending $100. It's inevitable.) and Samuel and I washed the car because it had about a million dead bugs smeared over the front hood & windshield. I've been thinking that I don't think I could live in Arizona. It's so dry there. I think I'd pick a place like Seattle, with all that rain and coldness, over Arizona any day. The desert is beautiful, and my parents have a great view off of their back porch, and there are quail and bunnies every morning to watch, but I just can't handle the dry heat. Also, I've been thinking that I love to travel, but I love coming home even more. I'm such a homebody these days. I was drying my car and feeling such a calming peace about being home when it made me think of heaven. If coming home to this house and my stuff that makes me feel comfortable and safe feels this good, can you imagine how great and overwhelming it will be when the peace of coming home to heaven sinks in? And - no laundry!

Here's a few more pictures. First, self-portrait at the park:
Next, Samuel and Grandpa:
Samuel is holding one eye closed to aim while he shoots his toy gun. He lost one of the suction cup darts in a tree within fifteen minutes of being at the park. Dad and I turned to each other and exchanged a look, sighed, and he said, "Well, that's a good lesson."

Finally, the kids goofing off at the dock: Mom, Uncle Paul, Aunt Kathy - if you have any good pictures, email them to me (mommychew (at) hotmail (dot) com) and I'll put them up.

TV update: Now the nice guys at the repair shop say it is the TV's power source that doesn't work, and just my luck - this is the same price to fix as the board. So we've ordered up a new power source (no idea what that means, by the way) and are waiting to see if that fixes the problem. The kids keep walking past the empty spot where the TV usually sits and sigh loudly. Samuel's having Wii wthdrawals.

Next post - ducks in our pool. This is a great story. Stay tuned!

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Mel said...

OMgosh--they keep growing!
(and they just keep getting cuter and cuter, btw)

A weekend with the grandparents......musta been a bit like heaven!


Welcome back!