Monday, April 21, 2008

Library Confessions

I have a confession to make: I am a library user. Much like a drug user, I cannot help myself. I reserve books that I want, then I get more when I haven't finished the last batch. I check out books, renew them, return them, then RE-CHECK them out because I never got a chance to read them the first time because I check out too many books. This seems like a bad and dangerous road that I am going down, and yet . . . . it's all permissible by the laws of my library. I've checked. I pay for the hold fee (fifty cents - a real bargain) and I always renew online so that I don't incur any overdue fees. I bring the stuff back (eventually). But seriously. I'm making imaginary book deadlines so that I can finish it all in time, and really, why do I need to do that?

The flip side is much prettier: I've stopped compulsively buying books. I've started to give books away, too. The bookshelves are not filled to bursting. Somehow, this completely justifies my library craziness. (My mind can be a dangerous place.)

In other news, I finished Clapotis last night (while watching Becoming Jane, which ended sadly and was FANTASTIC and I highly recommend it), and it is pretty. I have some ends to weave in, and then I'll try for some pictures. I've had a great morning - got the kids off to school and went to home depot to (finally) buy the wood for the new planter box for the backyard. I even had the foresight to have them do all the cutting at the store, and five foot boards fit in the car SOOOO much better than ten footers. Plus, now I don't have to use the power saw. I only have to use the drill and the power screwdriver, which I think we can all agree are much less dangerous than the power saw.

Now I'm off to finish up some little jobs before the kids get home from school. Happy Monday!


Lisa P said...

I love this post! I am maybe one step into abuse than you:

Our library has a website that you can request books on. So I just type in the titles, and they pull them--from a neighboring library if they don't have it, but from MY OWN LIBRARY in town most times. Then they call me and tell me my books are ready. I swing by, walk to the shelf with my name on it, and get in line. It's awesome. Plus I can renew online.

Ah. I feel much better after that confession. Want to make a club?

Sheila said...

YES!! Library Addicts Anonymous - LAA (sounds chic and sortof hollywoodish)

That's a great service. You don't have to pay for that??? LUCKY!!!