Monday, April 28, 2008

Lots of Catching Up

Woah baby am I tired today! We returned last night from a weekend trip, and sometime in the middle of the night I woke up to Samuel's little toes in my hair (he was lying the wrong way in our bed - so many things went wrong I can't decide which one to start with so I'll try later) so I knew defeat (big groan - I couldn't resist) and took myself to the couch for the rest of the night. Where I slept great, by the way. But the reason I'm so tired started way back to last weekend . . . . .

Stuart left for a week long business trip last Sunday (that would be April 20). He's started to travel for his work, both to Northern California and to Texas. To those of you that I know that are married to guys who regularly travel for their job, to Alison and Mary-LUE and Michelle and anyone else I've missed, I'm giving you a loud shout out today. It's harder than it looks. And just when you've got the hang of it, he comes home. (For us, that is the night we both sleep about fifteen hours because neither of us sleeps well without the other one around.)

On Wednesday, Sally got an award at school. I took pictures, but I don't feel right posting them because several other kids from her school are in the pictures and I don't know all their parents, and therefore can't ask them for permission to post pictures of their kids on my blog. Anyway, she got on the honor roll for all A's and B's, and this is the first time she's gotten this honor. We coudn't be prouder.
Friday the kids and I drove up to meet Stuart in Northern California for a family wedding. (Stuart's cousin (I can hear you asking) and this is the first of three cousin weddings we have this summer. I also have a cousin getting married this summer, so that makes four.) The drive was ok - long, but the kids are really great travelers, and we only had to stop twice (in six and a half hours, I think that's pretty great). The wedding was Saturday, and this is us at the wedding:
Samuel was the ring bearer, and he did a great job. I was a little worried that he wouldn't want to perform, but he walked down the isle like a pro:
Here's Samuel, posing with the bridal party:
Here's the kids with their cousin - she's an adorable chunk of a baby and was very interested in a piece of bread that I gave to her:
Here's the kids with their other cousin and Stuart's grandma, a wonderful amazing lady:
After the wedding (congratulations to the new couple, M & C!), we went to visit Stu's dad and stepmom at their ranch. I was too tired to bring in the camera, but I got a few pictures of the kids feeding the horses with Grandma El:
We drove home - another long drive, but pretty good considering we only stopped twice - and when we got home, after 6:00 pm, it was still over ninety degrees outside and the pool was seventy-seven degrees. So we unloaded the car, made huge piles of laundry all over the family room, and then went for a swim. It was a great way to end the weekend . . . .

except that Samuel couldn't sleep, and he got up and did a drawing or some writing or something and managed to get navy blue ink over both of his index fingers, and then he bit on his fingernails and got his lips and teeth all inky blue, and then started pacing up and down the hallway because he couldn't sleep. I called him in to my room, where I was reading in bed, and asked him why his mouth was blue. "I'm a little cold, that's probably why." Um, no. We went to the bathroom and washed his hands and lips and brushed his teeth (again) and then he wanted to sleep with us and I was too tired to make him go to his own bed. A decision I regretted later when I woke up with his toes in my hair. . . .


UC said...

Thanks again for coming up to help make Saturday a special day for Mike and Cary. You are a very special lady!


cko said...

Your shawl is gorgeous! The color is fabulous. It was as always is such a treat to see you all. Thank you for sharing your time with us. Much love.