Sunday, April 20, 2008

Some Updates

Clapotis is almost finished. I'm very ready to be done knitting it. Pictures to come this week.

We did go swimming on Friday, although I don't think what I did can technically count as swimming. Sally and Samuel went swimming. I walked in the shallow end and gasped repeatedly. It was very cold.

The TV came back on Thursday, and while the problem is fixed, there is now a new problem. Fortunately, this one is managable until it gets fixed, so we have a functioning TV. The kids have been celebrating the return of the Wii games.

I have been celebrating the return of the most effective reward and punishment system in the house: the Wii games. (The kids love and hate this, by the way. Works great. Got my kitchen floors cleaned today with the Wii Rewards System. I should write a book.)

Sally's soccer team won their game on Saturday, and it was all quite exciting.

Today, while driving home from the airport, I had an epiphany. I did not consult any map before driving to the airport, and I even know which lane I need to be in and at what time. I know how to get home. I know all these freeways: the 5, the 55, the 91, the 57, the 405, the 605, the 10, the 60, the 15. I know how to get to the three major airports (SNA, ONT, LAX) without looking at a map. (I knew the abbreviations to those airports without looking them up, too.) I know how to get to Disneyland, Angels Stadium, and the Honda Center - by freeway and by surface streets. That's when it hit me: I should know all these things because I have been living in Southern California for twenty years.

Twenty years. Where has the time gone?

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Lisa P said...

Navigating So Cal without a map is a major accomplishment--Congratulations!