Thursday, April 10, 2008


Today's word of the day, kids, is THWART: (transitive verb) to oppose successfully; to defeat the hopes or aspirations of

Yep. My morning has been thwarted. It started with an alarm going off inside my headphones that were not on my head, and thankfully that only made us rush around, but nobody was late. It continued with a car that did not pass smog. It finished me off with a tv repairman, armed with a brand new board for our tv, which he installed and sadly did not fix the problem. He un-installed it, put the old one back in for it was indeed still good, took a bunch of stuff apart and checked all the fuses, and then told me the problem was that the fans (three of them) were not turning on and he didn't know which board needed to be replaced or how much it will cost and they have to call the manufacturer to find out and will call me back.

This means I've spent my entire morning doing stuff that has no positive results, and I'll likely spend a big chunk of my afternoon calling the TV repair guys and bothering them until they have an answer for me. (Sadly for them, I don't believe them when they say they will call me back, so I call. And I call. And I call again.)

I don't know whether to give up and go outside and pound on the pile of bricks or try and redeem the day with good knitting. Maybe a game of spider solitare and a glass of water will clear my head. . . . .

UPDATE: TV has been picked up to do the repairs in the shop . . . I'm thinking this can't be good . . . . I have made it very clear that I do not approve any repairs until I have the cost in writing . . . . . I hear more tomorrow.


alison said...

I hope you did that therapeutic knitting. For you, that is always the answer.

Sheila said...

Yes, I did :) It works wonders.