Thursday, May 29, 2008


So hi everyone! We're plugging right along over here, getting things done and trying to find time to relax and enjoy each other. I finally recycled our cans - our normal recycling place closed, and the new one is, well, I don't like it. The hours are crazy (closed Tuesday - who's closed Tuesdays???) and the posted lunch hours are not always the actual lunch hours. Consequently, I have loaded up our cans twice now and gone to recycle them only to have the place closed. It's frustrating. Yesterday I decided it must be done - no matter what - and I had three full garbage cans of cans. The lady behind me even commented that it was a lot of cans, and I felt compelled to defend myself - I've been twice and they are always closed! Grrr.

Here's a lovely pic of a flower in our front yard:
Thanks to Mom and Ken for the flower bulbs - a gift from last year. We were so happy to see them come up again this year.

Here's the best of the three garden boxes:
Lovely. Can't wait for the tomatoes & cucumbers!


cko said...

Isn't it wonderful to see miracles from the ground. God is so good to care for us in such a neat way!

Sheila said...

Yes, it is :) and it's great to talk about those kind of things with the kids. Nothing teaches kids about life better than nature!