Thursday, May 15, 2008

Jedi Photos

We didn't get any video of the Jedi Training show, but we have lots and lots of photos. This first one is Samuel waiting to be chosen out of the audience: Stu tells me that he didn't raise his hand at first - apparantly he was using The Force to let the people know that he wanted to participate. Finally he showed some interest, and he was picked. Here he is with his training robe:
And here's an action shot with the light saber:
He told me later that he was sad that they gave him a purple one, but he used it anyway. After all the kids learned a fighting sequence (right shoulder, left leg, duck, left shoulder . . . that kind of thing) then the Storm Troopers came in: and Samuel tried to run to us but one of the actors took him by the hand and led him and the rest of the kids to safety. (He's wearing blue jean shorts and a navy blue top. He's to the left of the Storm Trooper's arm.) And then Darth Vader arrived:
and the kids lined up to fight him one at a time. Samuel was last - here he is getting a final pep talk (lower left corner - we were far away so this is a super zoom shot):

He did a great job.

Check out that smile. After, all the kids got a certificate. I think Samuel likes his:
He'll never forget this.


Tito Juanito said...

I remember riding some sort of kids' trolley at an ice show. I'm pretty sure Stu was there. I think we wanted to do it, but it was also disconcerting to be snatched out of the audience by a total stranger.

We didn't get to battle the forces of evil. We just rode around the rink a time or two.

cko said...

Samuel looks so capable to defeat anyone! How great that he isn't so shy. thank yo for the wonderful pictures from disneyand.

AmberJ said...

What great pictures of your little Jedi-in-training! Looks like fun.

Mel said...

Thank goodness for the Jedi's of the world!

What a proud little man.
Be proud, mom!

Sherry C said...

Ok, She. This is the greatest series of photos ever. I'm sure the boy will be talking about this event for a very long time. His serious little face, his body poised for cute.