Monday, May 19, 2008

Knit Bit: Finished Stuff

Despite the craziness and the heat, I managed to finish a couple of projects. First is an Amanda Hat:This is a project done to see if I like the yarn (Malabrigo wool, and yes, I love it - will be making a sweater in this yarn in a darker blue colorway) and this is a lovely warm hat for the winter. However. You cannot see that in this photo, I am wearing the hat with a swimsuit. Southern California can be a little trying if you are a knitter.

Next, I finished the Absorba Bathmat (from the MasonDixonKnitting book):
and this is such a fantastic thing I can't even tell you. It's made with three strands of cotton yarn (the dishcloth kind) and it is very cushy and really does absorb a lot of water. The fam has been very appreciative of this one, which only feeds the knitting obsession even more.

I've been working on a super secret project that I will reveal soon (it's a gift) and I'm doing a bit more baby knitting for the June wave of births around here. I've also been working on little blue squares which will be sewn together to make a crazy knitted patchwork blanket for me. I'll be posting some progress photos of that soon. Soccer is winding down, which means I will have less knitting time, but I am convincing a few friends that they really need to learn to knit because I don't have room in my queue to knit them the stuff they want, and they should knit it themselves. (Especially a young friend who wants a monkey. She wants a knit monkey real real bad. I tried to tell her gently that there is no way I'm knitting her a monkey - wouldn't she like a nice hat? Nope.) So teaching means more knitting time! :) See how I did that?

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cko said...

The pattern and color for the hat is spectacular! Lucky you and such talent. :)