Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Lots of Things

First off, Happy Mother's Day to all the moms reading. Especially to my mom, Linda, and my husband's mom, Tina, who I always think of with thanks on Mother's Day because they both took care of me and my family when I was pregnant with Samuel and so so so sick. Also to my husband's grandma, Pearl, who is a great lady, and to my husband's stepmom, Eleanor, who has become a dear friend to me. One more - to my grandmothers, Marjorie and Thelma, both now in heaven, but while they were alive they were formidable women and I am grateful to them both for very different reasons - Marjorie, who told me I was her favorite in a way that I believed it (I found out later that she told all of us that), and Thelma, who taught my mom to knit (so she could teach me some thirty years later).

OK, lots to tell you, so some highlights for now:

  • my parents came for a quick visit, and we had fun together, but sadly no pictures

  • Sally played a soccer game on Saturday and her team won

  • we went to Disneyland with Stu's family on Sunday and Monday and have lots of stories and lots of pictures to share, which I'll do over the next few days because I have the required pile of laundry to deal with and some errands to run this morning, but I shall leave you with this picture:

Yes, that is Samuel fighting Darth Vader. This was by far the highlight of my week (and probably his entire life). There is a Jedi training show in Tomorrowland, and Samuel is currently StarWars crazy (due to his love of the Wii Lego Star Wars game) so when Stuart and I saw they had this show, we knew we had to take him. They pick kids from the audience and train them to use a light saber. I was taking Sally on another ride while Stuart and Samuel waited for the show to start, and Stuart told me that they passed over Samuel twice before picking him on the third time. They teach the kids a fighting sequence, then two storm troopers come out and they scared the kids, but then the stage rises up and there is Darth Vader, come to lure the new recruits to the dark side. They brought each kid up, one at a time, to fight him. It was so great.

So great that the boy was completely exhausted at dinner and fell asleep with his chin on the table.

More to come:

Sally and her cousins
Conversations with Samuel (during the character breakfast)
Girl power at Libby Lu
An amazing dinner
A celebrity sighting


Lisa P said...

So great! I love stories like this because my kids are so shy that they'd NEVER get up there and perform. The jury is still out on Silas, but "he's my only hope!" Like that SW reference?


Jenni said...

such courage in one so young! I love it!

Anonymous said...

I hope you were able to film it so we can all see.
A. Di