Thursday, May 22, 2008


Oh, American Idol - I am so so so glad that David Cook won. I love that guy. Even at the very beginning, when they were in the tryouts week, I liked him from the start. And I freaked out (in a good way) when George Michael came out to sing (I was a huge Wham! fan in high school) but then he sang and I didn't care for the song at all. Anyway, great season, AI. Can't wait to buy David Cook's first cd! (Favorite David Cook performance: Billie Jean. Go to the American Idol website, then to Videos, and it's in Season 7: Top 10 performances. Genius.)

Although Sally had her last soccer game Saturday, they are going to have playoffs, so she had practice this week. Last night, a cold wind blew through, so I was able to wear my new hat :) and wool socks and I was still a little cold. Playoffs are next week, I think. Hopefully at night, because it's going to get hot again.

Samuel has been taking gymnastics lessons and he is really enjoying it. I'm glad we found something he likes - I was so surprised that he didn't like soccer more - I think the other five year old boys were too goofy and crazy and made him frustrated. He's been telling me that he wants to keep taking gymnastics, but when he turns five he wants to learn to golf because he thinks that will make his dad happy. He comes up with the funniest ideas.

Well, I'm off to find the last scene from American Idol online, since our TiVo cut off the last few minutes of the show. Crazy TiVo.

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