Sunday, May 04, 2008

Weekend Warriors

Sally and I have been hard at work this weekend. Yesterday, we changed the light fixture in her room. That's right - I can do that kind of stuff. Turned off the power, took the old one off, installed the new one - in the ceiling - and turned the power back on. It works, too. Today, we did the garden. Some photos to thrill you ~

The before picture:

The after picture:

Yep, I made that box. Now we have three planter boxes for the garden.

We planted five different kinds of tomotoes, summer squash, watermelon, basil, cilantro, sweet bell peppers (a little mix up there - thought I grabbed some hot pappers for Stu, but got these instead), cucumbers, pumpkins, and green beans.
This is the crazy healthy tomato plant from last summer. It's already huge!

Now this is what awaits me:
Gotta go swimming. Catch you later.


Mel said...

Well, aren't you the handy one!
Looks wonderful from here. I'm sure it'll be even more fabulous as you reap the rewards of the plantings you've done.

And wow.....what a way to relax after and afternoon of fix-it and gardening!

Beth said...

Beautiful! : )

You'll be happy to know that I just ordered a new phone!!


And I just started Part Three of 'Atonement' so we need to hurry up and watch 'Shakespeare In Love' so we can watch Atonement...YAY!

See you Friday! Can't wait!

Tito Juanito said...

Very impressive, but... no photo of the new light fixture? What a tease.

Lisa P said...

Hey, I did planter boxes this weekend too--but not the fun stuff of planting seedlings yet for us. I spent the weekend tilling manure into our soil!

I didn't mind, though. I love to be out in the garden, even if it's only in dream fashion still.

cko said...

Good for you. Are you for hire? It is always so exciting to watch what becomes of seedlings and to eat the wonderful fresh veggies that are so tasty.