Monday, June 30, 2008

Health Update

No news on the tests yet, but Samuel is feeling much better.

Sally is sick, though. Her tummy hurts. Looks to be another long week around here.

Friday, June 27, 2008

Sick, Better . . . . .

Samuel has some kind of strange stomach virus that has been coming and going for the past five days. (We are going to the doctor today - updates on that later.) We've had to cut one trip short and cancel another one because he's just not getting better. He'll feel better for half of the day, then feel sick and lie around for a few hours, then feel a little better. I don't understand it, but we thought he was well, but he wasn't, and it feels like a losing battle.

But, when we thought he was better, we went to SeaWorld. He had a lovely morning - lots of fun with his cousins and aunt and uncle and grandparents - then took a two hour nap in the stroller.
Then woke up with an "angry tummy" and we left early.

However, Sally had a blast:
That's them on the rapids ride - from the left, it's Uncle Dre, Josh, Aunt Joy, Grandma Linda, Grandpa Dave, Evan, and Sally. They all said Sally got the wettest, but they were all pretty soaked. The rest of the day, I sat in the shade and they all looked for a spot in the sun.

A tip for anyone going to SeaWorld - if you are eating or need a place to sit for awhile or want to get a great pic of your party on this ride, go into the Shipwrecked Buffet restaurant and keep heading toward the back. Past the cave area with a huge fishtank you will see a large boat. Go on the boat. It's lovely, with nice seating inside - some padded chairs and lots of tables. There was one couple in there eating - one! - and at least six or eight tables. I've been to SeaWorld at least a dozen times in the past few years and have never found it until this past week.

Samuel felt ok Wednesday morning, sick in the afternoon, so we came home. He felt "half half" the rest of that day. Better Thursday morning, then took a nap and felt sick between nap and bedtime. He's sleeping quite a bit and not eating as much as he usually does, so I know something is going on with him. Hopefully our doctor will have some direction for us to take, something that doesn't involve blood work or stool samples.

We had a great trip planned, starting today. We aren't going. We are all sad about it, but especially Sally. She's been quite creative in methods of punishing me for this. It's been a rough morning.
UPDATE: Not the appendix (thankful for that) but the Dr. is concerned since it is coming & going. Took urine & blood for testing. Urine was easy; blood was a screaming misery. God bless the nurses - they were great. Now we wait.

Monday, June 23, 2008

The Boy

The boy turned five yesterday. We were having such fun at his party that we totally forgot to take pictures. (That happens alot around here.) Thanks to everyone who came over to celebrate with us!

Now he's on the couch, complaining of a stomachache. It only feels better when he's playing his new Wii game. Otherwise it hurts very bad. Since he threw up yesterday (yes, during the party) I'm trying to be patient with him. But still. An illness that only responds to video game treatment? Suspicious.

Some birthday fun - a link to the "While I was pregnant with Samuel" story - and an assortment of photos. Enjoy!
June 2008:

May 2006:

July 2005:
October, 2004:
First Birthday, June, 2004:

Asleep on Daddy (also summer, 2004):

Happy Birthday, son!

Friday, June 20, 2008


I took these pictures at the Arboretum earlier this week. I really like the pictures where the flower is in focus, but the leaves in the background are a little blurry. I don't achieve it often, so when I do I'm pretty thrilled about it.

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Day After Birthday

Yesterday was my birthday (and happy birthday to fellow birthday peeps Stephanie, Julia, and Kendra) and it was a lovely one. Breakfast with my kids at the Arboretum, walking around and looking at the gardens and flowers. Some errands and lunch. Some swimming and dinner. A great big cake from Cold Stone from my wonderful husband. Lots of phone calls and cards - thanks all around, everyone!

Sally decided to make me cupcakes, and she did it almost all by herself. Homemade, crushed cookie cupcakes. I got down the high ingredients and separated the eggs and handled the oven part, but she did all of the rest. I'm so proud of her.

Speaking of Sally, we have started watching a new show together. It's the BBC show How Clean Is Your House? and we love it. These two British ladies find the most awfully dirty homes, go in and gently scold the owners, take some dirt samples for the lab to identify, and then clean it all up. The lab part is the best - you just can't believe how many contaminants are in these homes. It's like a car accident that you can't look away from - we can't stop watching it.

That's about all around here. I have to help Sally with her blog now. (ah yes, she has started a blog. if you do a little snooping, you'll find it too)

Monday, June 16, 2008

Knit Bit: The Surprise Revealed

So last year after I made my first pair of socks, most people came at me with the usual "Why would you spend so much time knitting something that you can get a five pack for less than half of the cost of that yarn?" I know sock knitters everywhere deal with that question. The answer is "Because I like to". However, I have a friend who is a true knitting fan, who saw my socks and the first thing she said was "Will you make me some?" She's a good friend, that Kristy.

But I knit my first pair of socks over a nine month period, so I told her to not get her hopes up. I told her maybe Christmas, maybe next Christmas.

Hee hee hee.

I give you Kristy's Birthday Socks.
(modeled by me)
Aren't they wonderful? They have cables on the top. They were finished in four months! (You do know that I can't have one project at a time, so other things were knitted and finished in that four month period, but I'm a little scared of taking the double pointed needles out of the house, so I only work on them in the evenings, at home. With all this soccer over here, that's not very often.) (Why do I feel compelled to explain the crazy? I don't know.)
Since I had some yarn leftover, I made her an Amulet Pouch too. Isn't it just so cute?
And good wishes for a great year inside.
Happy Birthday, Kristy!

For the knitters:

Socks are Widdershins done in Colinette's Jitterbug yarn (color: sahara).
Bag is an Amulet Pouch done in the same yarn. (excellent pattern - very instant gratification knitting)


First Day of School, September, 2007:

Last Day of School: June, 2008:

Welcome to Summer!

Tuesday, June 10, 2008


First day of preschool, September, 2006:Summer right before second year of preschool, August, 2007:Last day of preschool, June, 2008: Preschool Graduation:Kindergarten, here we come!

Monday, June 09, 2008

Garden Update

Cherry Tomatoes: The beginnings of big big tomatoes:
Sally's flowers:

Thanks, Dad!

My parents came for a visit last weekend. We are always so busy having fun that I forget to take pictures. Here they are with the kids just before leaving: My dad has helped us out with several house projects over the years, but this time he helped us by pounding mortar off of bricks. See, when we moved in here, there was this big planter in our backyard:
that was full of poisonous flowers. So we removed all the flowers (a huge task right there) and the planter box stood empty for a long while, until I got the great idea of removing it. This is Samuel helping me (May, 2006)
Then a large pile of broken bricks took up most of our patio for about a year. The mice moved in, and when I found that out I pulled the pile of bricks down and evicted them. (No photos of that delightful day.)

Now the patio is back:
and the bricks are being relocated to make garden paths: Right now they are just sitting on the grass, but eventually I'll dig up some of the dirt and put them a few inches into the ground.
Thanks Dad! :)

Sunday, June 08, 2008


We've had a great couple of weekends around here. Last weekend my parents were here (I have a few photos to post soon) and (many of you will be happy to hear this) my Dad got me watching House. Several of my friends have recommended it to me, but I just never sat and watched it. Now that Idol is done, Lost is done, and no word yet on when the new season of Psych starts, I need a new show. House it is. (Still not done watching Scrubs either.)

A few weeks ago I saw that The Exorcism of Emily Rose was showing on one of the channels that we get and I recorded it. Now, I'm not usually one for the scary movies - too scary - but this one interested me because I went to college with the director. (Yes, he was a senior when I was a freshman, but so what. It still counts.) Also I heard that it was more of a courtroom drama than a horror movie, so I thought I'd give it a shot. Well, I started watching it by myself, and it scared the pants off me. (Not literally. Come on, it's not that kind of blog.) So I mentioned to my friend that I had started watching it but didn't finish it, so we watched it together. I talked through the scary parts, but overall it was a really good movie. Still scared the pants off me, but the ending was good and the locket was an excellent touch.

We took the kiddos to see Kung Fu Panda on Friday - very good movie. We all liked it. Our new favorite word is "skadoosh!" (That's what the panda says when he bounces the bad guy off of his stomach - skadoosh!) Saturday night some friends watched our kids for us and we went to see the Indiana Jones movie, and I loved it. I love that kid, Shia (how do you say your name anyway) LaBeouf. Very entertaining. Can't wait for his next movie - Eagle Eye - we saw the preview and it looks good.

I'll finish with a few comments on the season finale of Lost. Loved it! Loved that Desmond finally reunited with Penny. Loved that Sawyer jumped out of the helicopter to save Kate. What is the deal with moving an island anyway? Crazy.

Wednesday, June 04, 2008

Conversations with Samuel

Me: "Samuel, would you like to water the garden for me?"

Him: "Yeah!"

(he goes outside, then comes back in)

Him: "Mom! Mom! I can't water the garden because Grandpa took-ted the hose off of the house!"

(note: My dad unscrewed the hose to move it so that the gardeners could mow the lawn. It was quite upsetting to the boy. I attached the hose and he watered the garden, still one of his favorite things to do.)