Monday, June 16, 2008

Knit Bit: The Surprise Revealed

So last year after I made my first pair of socks, most people came at me with the usual "Why would you spend so much time knitting something that you can get a five pack for less than half of the cost of that yarn?" I know sock knitters everywhere deal with that question. The answer is "Because I like to". However, I have a friend who is a true knitting fan, who saw my socks and the first thing she said was "Will you make me some?" She's a good friend, that Kristy.

But I knit my first pair of socks over a nine month period, so I told her to not get her hopes up. I told her maybe Christmas, maybe next Christmas.

Hee hee hee.

I give you Kristy's Birthday Socks.
(modeled by me)
Aren't they wonderful? They have cables on the top. They were finished in four months! (You do know that I can't have one project at a time, so other things were knitted and finished in that four month period, but I'm a little scared of taking the double pointed needles out of the house, so I only work on them in the evenings, at home. With all this soccer over here, that's not very often.) (Why do I feel compelled to explain the crazy? I don't know.)
Since I had some yarn leftover, I made her an Amulet Pouch too. Isn't it just so cute?
And good wishes for a great year inside.
Happy Birthday, Kristy!

For the knitters:

Socks are Widdershins done in Colinette's Jitterbug yarn (color: sahara).
Bag is an Amulet Pouch done in the same yarn. (excellent pattern - very instant gratification knitting)


cko said...

The sock and bag are just gorgeous. You mean if I ask, it might happen???`

Anonymous said...

BTW: Happy B Day to you too . . . a bit belated.


Sheila said...

A C - it might, but I make no promises! :)
Christy - thanks! I can't believe you remembered!