Friday, June 27, 2008

Sick, Better . . . . .

Samuel has some kind of strange stomach virus that has been coming and going for the past five days. (We are going to the doctor today - updates on that later.) We've had to cut one trip short and cancel another one because he's just not getting better. He'll feel better for half of the day, then feel sick and lie around for a few hours, then feel a little better. I don't understand it, but we thought he was well, but he wasn't, and it feels like a losing battle.

But, when we thought he was better, we went to SeaWorld. He had a lovely morning - lots of fun with his cousins and aunt and uncle and grandparents - then took a two hour nap in the stroller.
Then woke up with an "angry tummy" and we left early.

However, Sally had a blast:
That's them on the rapids ride - from the left, it's Uncle Dre, Josh, Aunt Joy, Grandma Linda, Grandpa Dave, Evan, and Sally. They all said Sally got the wettest, but they were all pretty soaked. The rest of the day, I sat in the shade and they all looked for a spot in the sun.

A tip for anyone going to SeaWorld - if you are eating or need a place to sit for awhile or want to get a great pic of your party on this ride, go into the Shipwrecked Buffet restaurant and keep heading toward the back. Past the cave area with a huge fishtank you will see a large boat. Go on the boat. It's lovely, with nice seating inside - some padded chairs and lots of tables. There was one couple in there eating - one! - and at least six or eight tables. I've been to SeaWorld at least a dozen times in the past few years and have never found it until this past week.

Samuel felt ok Wednesday morning, sick in the afternoon, so we came home. He felt "half half" the rest of that day. Better Thursday morning, then took a nap and felt sick between nap and bedtime. He's sleeping quite a bit and not eating as much as he usually does, so I know something is going on with him. Hopefully our doctor will have some direction for us to take, something that doesn't involve blood work or stool samples.

We had a great trip planned, starting today. We aren't going. We are all sad about it, but especially Sally. She's been quite creative in methods of punishing me for this. It's been a rough morning.
UPDATE: Not the appendix (thankful for that) but the Dr. is concerned since it is coming & going. Took urine & blood for testing. Urine was easy; blood was a screaming misery. God bless the nurses - they were great. Now we wait.


Cindee said...

Appendicitus?? My then 9yo had his out Dec 19,2007. He felt well/sick/well, too. Since it's been five days I kind of doubt it but it's the first thing I thought of. I hope it gets figured out really soon and he'll be feeling much better. Sorry about the punishemnt from your eldest...I know how that goes... grrrr!

cko said...

We miss you all so much! Hope Samuel is much better. Lots of love and prayers.