Monday, June 09, 2008

Thanks, Dad!

My parents came for a visit last weekend. We are always so busy having fun that I forget to take pictures. Here they are with the kids just before leaving: My dad has helped us out with several house projects over the years, but this time he helped us by pounding mortar off of bricks. See, when we moved in here, there was this big planter in our backyard:
that was full of poisonous flowers. So we removed all the flowers (a huge task right there) and the planter box stood empty for a long while, until I got the great idea of removing it. This is Samuel helping me (May, 2006)
Then a large pile of broken bricks took up most of our patio for about a year. The mice moved in, and when I found that out I pulled the pile of bricks down and evicted them. (No photos of that delightful day.)

Now the patio is back:
and the bricks are being relocated to make garden paths: Right now they are just sitting on the grass, but eventually I'll dig up some of the dirt and put them a few inches into the ground.
Thanks Dad! :)

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