Tuesday, July 08, 2008

Back to Health

We all seem to be over that strange virus, but sadly we had to cancel a trip that was going to be lots of fun and we missed two weddings, too. Sally's virus made her stomach hurt every evening for six days in a row. I don't think she ate anything for dinner those nights (luckily she was able to eat breakfast and lunch). It was no fun, and we had long boring nights at home. Being bored is very underrated, in my opinion. It's a great luxury to have a few hours where you have no plans, have nothing to do, so you sit in the pool with your family and talk. Or watch the Harry Potter marathon on the Family Channel - even though you happen to own the movies. I think every kid should have some days of boredom during the summer. It's good for them.

Today Sally is at a friend's house and Samuel is playing in his room, so it's quiet in the house. A rare thing around here. I'm going to go enjoy it.
(By the way - I'm teaching myself crochet. Can you believe it? Me neither.)

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