Tuesday, July 01, 2008

Kids' Rooms

I did a few small projects in the kids' rooms this weekend, as we were stranded at home with nothing much to do. Sally's room got key hooks for her necklaces:and some hooks by her closet.Samuel's room got some decorations:and a re-arrange by his closet. It looks like a mess, but that's his table by his bookshelf - getting ready for all that kindergarten homework :) (BTW, thanks Uncle Dre and Aunt Joy and boys for the legos - he loves them.) He also got a new hook for his backpack (dark purple). He has a new thing about his closet - it is organized by type. Short pants, long pants, short sleeves, long sleeves. All with a little space in between. I got in trouble for pushing everything to one side, and he gave me a lesson in closet organization. (I listened and did not laugh, so I think that redeems my mistake, right?)

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