Tuesday, July 01, 2008

Knit Bit: Bag & Top

I've been working on two projects for the past week. First off is the BYOB bag from knitty.com. I'm surprising loyal to knitting this, esp. considering that it's mostly seed stitch. I'm not overly fond of knitting seed stitch, but this is such a great pattern for this yarn (Lion Cotton-Ease, one of my favorite yarns) and the bag is working up so fast. It probably helps that with all of the seed stitch practice, I'm getting faster at it.

This is a top in progress. It's hard to photograph with the needles on it, but the ruffle part is the bottom. (I started this one about a month ago.)I'm stalling on it as I'm planning on changing the pattern to make the straps (a) wider and (b) racerback style, and I am still not sure how I'll proceed. My main concern is where to join the front and back of the straps - at the top of the shoulder, or at the top of the back side. The pattern has them joined at the top of the back, which may be easier to get the fit right. Also easier to make sure my head will fit through the opening! (That would be an important consideration, right?)

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