Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Knit Bit: Up for grabs

I've been re-organizing the house (the garage is now a beautiful place) and the knitting stuff. I need some small projects to take to soccer (yep, it's started already) so I've been looking at the stash and the wips (works in progress) and moving things around and making plans. I keep coming back to this:This is a scarf that I started over a year ago. I found the pattern and I had never done cables before and thought it would be a nice place to start. (It was - great pattern.) I used some wool yarn that I had, thinking that I would make a scarf to match some fingerless gloves I had made. There's just one problem with this thing: I know I'll never wear it. The wool is too scratchy for my neck - it makes me itch. I thought about giving it as a present, but I'm hesitant to give something that I know that I wouldn't wear myself. I've stopped working on it because I think I should really rip it out and make something else with the yarn. But I've put alot of time into this and it's more than half-way finished. SO, here's the deal: Does anyone like wool scarves out there? I don't want to give this to someone who doesn't, because it isn't very soft, but it is a nice blue color and it is warm. If you like wool and think you would wear it, leave me a comment and you may get a nice warm scarf for Christmas this year. (If not, I'm ripping it out next week and making something else with the yarn, like some felted slippers or another hat.)

By the by, I should probably mention again that the knitted gifts are given usually on a whim and not according to any logical relationship status. My spouse, who is also my best friend, has still not received a knitted gift from me (mostly because he is usually hot and doesn't wear knitted things). So, while giving a knitted gift is a sign of fondness, not receiving one is not a sign that I'm not fond of you. (wow, that was a triple negative) Does that make sense? Hope so. Disclaimer over.

Anyone want a blue wool scarf?


AmberJ said...

If no one else takes it, and you really, really, really, really feel compelled to finish it, then I will take it off your hands (or neck...).

Sheila said...

You're on! I'll probably finish it in September during soccer knitting. Just in time for winter! :)

Sherry C said...

So, I have a fun idea--fun enough that it almost makes me wish I were a knitter.

Wouldn't it be cool if you got a bunch of your knitting cronies together and proposed a swap event?

Here's what just popped into my brain: Each person creates something fun from some leftover yarn they have sitting around, no trips to the store allowed, then e-mails you (or whoever is the moderator of the swap) a photo of it to post, by a predetermined deadline. When the deadline is reached, each person who has submitted an item for the swap gets to choose something. The order in which the photos were received is the order in which people get to make their selections--i.e. the first one to submit an item is then the first one to choose from all the submissions. The moderator of the swap then privately e-mails home addresses so that each person can send out her item to its new owner.

I suppose this would be fun to do for a variety of things, not just knitting. Oooh, the possibilities...