Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Laguna Beach

One of the nice things about living in Southern California is that there is lots of stuff to do around here. I like to take the kids to see things, especially if those things are educational and free. That's why we went to the beach last week. (Also, I like walking in Laguna because sometimes you'll see someone famous. I love to watch people.) We don't swim at Laguna - we climb on the rocks and search for tidepools. Our friend, Riley, was hanging out with us, too. (Also, my kids don't have enough of a healthy fear of the ocean for me to feel comfortable swimming with the ratio of one adult to three kids.)
Then we climb up all those stairs and have lunch at Heissler Park. If it wasn't for an unfortunate incident with a junebug and then another with a bumblebee, it would have been a perfect morning.

(PS~See that first picture? I'm standing on top of a very large rock (more like a hill) that we had to climb over and I slid down the side - probably only three feet, but it felt like six, and landed on the rocky beach. Barefoot. And I was carrying a bag with a blanket inside and a bag with four pairs of shoes inside. This kind of stuff is not included in the stay-at-home-mom job description.)

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