Monday, July 07, 2008

A Purse Organizer

I've seen purse organizers before and thought that it would be a fun project for me. Before heading to the craft store, I did a little internet research. Many thanks to The Giving Flower, Bella Dia, and Craft Apple, for pictures and directions. I took your ideas and came out with this: Here's what I did.

(1) Materials: one yard each of two cotton prints (I used about 1/4 of each); one yard of heavy interfacing (Craft Fuse, found at Walmart); matching thread.

Other things I needed: sewing maching, scissors, measuring tape, iron.

(2) I put out all the stuff I wanted in my organizer (calendar, wallet, phone, etc) and lined it up with about 1/2 inch between. My fabric was about 6-8 inches longer than I needed, which I thought was a good thing. (Longer = more pockets). I cut my fabric and interfacing - two lenths of fabric and two of interfacing. (Mine is approx. 11" by 36")

(3) Iron on the interfacing following directions that came with it. (Thank heaven for those!)

(4) Sew long sides and one short side together, right sides together. Then I trimmed off the excess fabric so that there were 1/2" edge, and trimmed the corners a bit more.

(5) Turn inside out. This process took me longer than I expected and I started to panic a bit, but it turned out all right in the end. I used a capped ball-point pen to push out the corners, then ironed and ironed it.

(6) Turn un-sewn end in and sew seam. I liked the look of the stitches on the outside, so I did the other side, too.
(7) Lay out your stuff and start marking off the pockets. I did mine one at a time, starting with a medium sized item to see if I got the size right. I ended up needing at least 1/2" on each side of the item for it to fit in properly. Mark and sew until you are done! (8) Admire your work. Ask people to look at it and say nice things like "You're so clever!" or "That is great!" Feel happy. Go to your room, take out some bags, and try it out. This is one of the purses I use - it's so organized now.
Love it. Next on my list: checkbook cover to match.


AmberJ said...

You're hired! :)

cko said...

This is a wonderful project. The colors are great to match your wallet. Thank you for the detailed instructions. I'm always looking in the bottom for my cell phone or pen.

Tito J said...

Awesome. I love the fabrics, too. Very smart, very summer, very Kate Spade.

Amy said...

it took waaaaaaaay too long for me to realize this was an organizer for things IN your purse, not an organizer for all of your multitudes of purses :-) me = dumb. good job, sheila, you are my inspiration for creativity!

Sheila said...

Very Kate Spade?! THANKS!!!

Amy, that's funny because when I was looking for instructions I came across several products for organizing multiple purses in your closet :) Haha!

Thanks everyone! I love the colors of that striped fabric. May have to find more things to make with it :)