Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Random Musings

Stuart and I watched some "Aftershock Watch" news this morning (we both woke up early and couldn't get back to sleep, so we got up and watched the news and had breakfast together). I haven't felt any of the aftershocks, but I understand that there have been lots of them. I learned that the "Triangle of Life" is complete crap, at least according to the earthquake expert they were interviewing. The best thing to do is get under a large table - if there isn't any large table, the next best thing is to get down and cover your head. Running is bad - people sprain ankles and trip over things and get hurt. The bottom line seems to be that this was a lucky quake for us - not significant damage, only minor injuries - and a wake up call to be prepaired for "The Big One". Personally, I think "The Big One" is a scare tactic hyped up by the insurance companies, but that's just me. I put "buy bottled water" on my shopping list, but Stuart reminded me that we have a huge tank of water in the back yard (called "our swimming pool") and a small brita pitcher in the kitchen, so we're good. (I'm still buying more bottled water, fyi.) The expert lady also showed this very cool technology they are working on - in case of "The Big One" - which could show the beginnings of a major earthquake and what direction it is headed on the fault and give a 30-60 second warning, which could have elevators stop and open at the closest floor and stop hazordous materials flowing in pipes as a precaution (in case the pipes break), that kind of stuff. Very cool. Also very expensive.

Yesterday I introduced Samuel to the joys of Abba. He likes Mama Mia (but that's probably due to the movie previews), Does Your Mother Know, and Waterloo. (Of course, Waterloo is my favorite, so that could have been a factor there.) It dawned on me that some parents (good parents, I can hear you say) use summer break to teach their kids a language, or a new skill, or something useful, like mummification techniques of the ancient egyptians. Me? I teach my kids movie trivia and music from the 70s and 80s. (Mostly the 80s, but Abba is very necessary.)

I'm out. The kids have dentist appointments this morning. The fun never ends around here.


Tito J said...

I don't want to drink swimming pool water, even if it's been filtered through charcoal.

Sheila said...

Me neither, but I guess earthquake survivors can't be choosers . . . . if I had to choose, I'd rather drink filtered pool water than toilet tank water. They say it's ok, but I don't believe it. (And ours is currently blue, so that's no good.)

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AmberJ said...

Sorry if my last comment was weird. I really am glad to know you are okay. My husband has an off-beat sense of humor that I don't always need to share...

Oh, and if you are ever interested in advertiZing, just let me know. I may someone in the buZiness...dang it, she beat me to it!

Sheila said...

AmberJ - I thought your last comment was funny! All the good humor is offbeat :)