Saturday, July 26, 2008


I'm taking a break from playing with my facebook page to report that all is well here. I took the kids to Laguna beach on Thursday (summer to do list: go to beach - check!) and my calves are still sore from all the climbing (I'll post pictures later and you'll understand). We had a lovely morning today reconnecting with a friend from college (great to see you, Shelly!) and The Boy got his hair cut and The Girl and I went to Target for a few essentials (a shoe organizer and a HSM* hamper for her room). We are still watching How Clean Is Your House and still loving Aggie and Kim. (And Dad, I'm still watching House, too). I've got a few knitting projects going on and I also finished a book last night. Now I'm off to watch Eli Stone with my hubby. (We missed the first season, so we are catching up with the reruns. Great show. Love the doctor.)

*HSM is High School Musical - if you didn't know that, be thankful.


Mel said...

LOL I'm very thankful I didn't know that!

And....ummmmm...I'm thinkin' I'd fail the 'how clean is your house' test.....

sherriknits said...

LOL I did know it. It's a fixture in this house!