Wednesday, August 13, 2008


Sorry there are no new pictures up here yet - the whole week is flying right past me. VBS is super fun for the kids, but somehow I'm getting very little done while they are gone. I did go to the store, and visited some people. Today I'm troubleshooting the pool, as the thing has decided to not make chlorine anymore. This makes the water "bad" - in our case, it's slightly smelly and slightly green. I've cleaned out the cell (that's the thing that turns the salt into chlorine) and now I need to clean it with a muratic acid solution - and I'm all out of acid. And the pool store was out of acid. So I fetched the kids from VBS, fed them lunch, and now we are off to the library and then to home depot for some acid. Then I have a date with a large bucket and some rubber gloves. My job rocks.

Maybe if I get the pool all sorted out I can keep my promise to you all and finally post some more pictures. Believe me, I'd rather do that than take the entire cell off to the pool store to have them test it to see if it's ok. It's not that large, but still. Going to the pool store with two kids is like getting your teeth cleaned. (except no comfy chair)

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