Wednesday, August 27, 2008

reaching into the past

So I've been having a blast on Facebook these past few weeks. Stuart is wondering why he encouraged me to get online there, as it's a time sucker for sure. I've been finding friends from college that I haven't heard from in, well, let's just say "a long while". I had a friend from high school find me (Christy - remember Theresa Setzer? She be-friended me and we had a chat! I was actually surprised she remembered me.) I've been checking out some of my former students, seeing what they have done with their life and where they are now. (One is in congress. Seriously.) Super fun.

Yesterday, after I went down to the school district to sign a dozen forms so that I can be the recess duty lady for Samuel's kindergarten class, I ran into a former student at Walmart. At first I didn't remember her - she looked at me and said "Hey, you used to be my math teacher! Right?" and I said, "Ah, yeah. Hi! What was your name again?" (I'm smooth all right.) Amelia. Yes, now I remember you. Amelia N, smart and quiet girl, excellent handwriting, always did your homework. Now she's all grown up and a mommy herself. Amelia's mom was with her and we had a nice chat, too - she was very kind.

Anyway, it seems like my past is catching up with me, and it's a strange timing as I have been talking with Stuart about when I will start looking for a teaching position. (Maybe next year. Or the next. We need to see how Samuel does at school first.) And just when my thoughts are turning to my future, all these people from my past are coming back to me. It feels like I've come full circle, although to be honest I thought I was on a straight path all this time.

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Anonymous said...

BTW . . . Are you heading up for the reunion?

I swallow with difficultly as I type this and I refuse to include the number :o)

Do you remember Flo P? I have been hearing from her about showing up to the event. I am still undecided.